My Favorite Supplements for Overall Wellness

Hey friends! Today I am sharing my favorite supplements for overall wellness. We’ll be going over vitamins, minerals, digestive health, protein - all the things! Just remember these are recommendations based on my personal experience and research. I don’t believe you need to implement all of these supplements at once, either. After I tell you about all of them, you can make an informed decision on which ones you need the most!

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All of the supplements I’ll cover today are intended for long-term lifestyle use, so we won’t be going over more therapeutic supplements -like those that would be used to heal more serious digestive and hormonal issues. :)

Let’s get started!


  1. Good Multi-Vitamin to Cover Your Bases

    I know many people don’t believe multi-vitamins work, but I disagree. I do believe we can get a lot of vitamins through our diet, but not everyone does. A good quality (quality is key!) multi vitamin will make sure you’re getting all those essential vitamins and minerals your body needs. I like New Chapter or Rainbow Lite. They are both food based multi-vitamins, and have a complete nutrient profile.

  2. Greens Powder

    I just recently started taking 1st Phorm Opti-Greens 50. I used to hate greens powders because they usually taste terrible and some of them have sketchy ingredients. I love this one though. It has a subtle berry taste, and complete profile of greens and food based vitamins. It also has a digestive blend with a built in probiotic and enzyme blend. I recommend either doing the greens or multi-vitamin. I wouldn’t do both at one time. It just depends on how you like to get those micronutrients in your diet! I have noticed the enzymes in this do help with my day-to-day digestion and if I need extra support I add in a stronger digestive enzyme (which I’ll talk about in the digestion section)

  3. B-Vitamin Complex

    I recommend this particularly if you are currently on hormonal birth control, (or you’ve recently stopped and/or have been on it for a prolonged time) Birth control is known to deplete your B-vitamins, especially, and many woman are already deficient in them. I prefer the brand linked as it contains activated forms of key nutrients like folate, B12 and B6.

  4. Bone Restore

    Life Extension Bone Restore is a great supplement if you’re particular concerned about your bone health. I take it along side my multi vitamin because I had low estrogen and progesterone for several years, which can put you at a risk for osteoporosis. I like this brand because it contains 700 milligrams of elemental calcium from three different forms, along with the critically important nutrients magnesium, boron, zinc, silicon, manganese and vitamin D3 needed for healthy bones.


  1. Zinc - Zinc is an important mineral in our diet, and can especially helpful if you struggle with acne. Zinc can help reduce inflammation in the skin, help fight acne causing bacteria p. acneus, and help prevent new blemishes from forming. Look for a supplement with 30-50 mg. You can take a purely zinc supplement or a blend of zinc and other minerals and herbs for clear skin, like this one from HUM Nutrition.

  2. Magnesium - Magnesium is great to help you relax at night and promote a good night’s sleep naturally. It’s also great to help keep you “regular” because it’s stimulating to the digestive track. Taking it before bed is usually best. You can take it in a pill form or in a drink mix, like Naturally Calm.


  1. Enzymes - Enzymes are great to have on hand for when your digestion needs a little extra help. If you know you’re going to indulge in a food that usually doesn’t agree with you, enzymes can help! I use Rainbow Lite.

  2. Probiotics - Probiotics help maintain our gut microbiome/flora (the bacteria in our gut). Maintaining a healthy gut flora is important for good digestive health and good immunity. Although probiotics are important, I think some people over do them by taking a probiotic, eating probiotic fortified foods, and drinking all the kombucha in one day.( If you’re going to have a lot of fermented foods that day, you can most likely skip taking a probiotic supplement that day.) My favorite probiotic is Florastor.


Collagen is great for your hair, skin, and your gut! It helps to boost collage which will strengthen your hair/nails, improve the texture of your skin, and help to heal the digestive tract. Unfortunately, in our modern diets we don’t get much collagen from things like bone broth, bone marrow, or liver. So… that’s where collagen peptides come in! I recommend Vital Proteins. I use 1-2 scoops in my coffee or in my hot cocoa at night. It is unflavored, so you can really mix it in anything!


Protein is essential to muscle growth and so many other bodily functions. A good quality protein powder can benefit everyone. I don’t rely on protein powder, but it’s nice to have on hand when you need a protein boost. I don’t have a particular brand I love at the moment, but I look for one with minimum artificial ingredients. Some brands I do like and recommend are Vega and Sun Warrior (for plant based) and Isopure or Terra’s Whey (for whey).

I hope you found this post helpful and that it will give you some guidance next time that you’re shopping for supplements!