The Reclaim Your Power E-Book is Here!

Hey beauties! Yesterday, my first e-book , Reclaim Your Power, launched! I am so beyond happy, grateful, and proud to share it with all of you. This e-book is based on years of personal growth and experience from my own journey letting go of dieting and reclaiming my own feminine power. I let go of strict dieting and embraced intuitive eating. I let go of negative self-talk and learned to appreciate my body. I re-framed the way I view exercise and learned to enjoy moving my body (and resting my body too!) And I want the same for YOU! This e-book is full of 7 chapters to help guide you to reclaim your power! It also includes a forword written by the amazing Victoria Myers, RD. Here is a little sneak peak at the contents ;)

If you’d like to purchase a copy and join in on the party of reclaiming your power, you can click the link here.

Thanks for supporting!