Nourished Soul Podcast Ep. 5: The Psychology of Coaching and Competing, Intuitive Eating for Physique Goals, and HIIT vs. LISS Cardio with Paul Revelia


Hey everyone! This podcast episode is an interview with Coach Paul Revelia of Pro Physique. Paul completed a degree in Exercise Science from USF, has competing in many body building shows, worked with some of the best coaches in the industry, and coached top competitors in the sport. Paul was actually my prep coach when I competed in body building, so I asked him to share his insight on competing, coaching, and his journey. He focuses a lot on the psychological side of fitness, which I agree is so important. He also answered some frequently asked questions about metabolism, fat-loss, cardio, intuitive eating and reverse dieting. We discuss the mindset it takes to compete, and the difference between a lifestyle fitness goal and a competition goal. I hope this episode answers some questions you might have if you're thinking of either competing or starting a fitness journey!